The first commercial harvest of our project began in December and will continue until March of this year. We are pleased to inform you that the last delivery of agricultural inputs included in this project was made in October 2020 and technical assistance was also provided by our agronomist engineer with the accompaniment of a COMBRIFOL technician.

In the same way, we can confirm that despite the fact that we were hit by two hurricanes in Honduras in the months of November, ETA and IOTA, the farms of our beneficiaries were not seriously affected, the excessive rain did cause landslides but only in some of the farms where we report coffee plant losses that do not exceed 5% of the total project. We look forward to assessing the yields of our beneficiaries once the harvest period ends in March 2021.

Hurricanes ETA and IOTA were a severe blow to the agricultural sector of our country, but mainly in the northwestern part of Honduras. However, this caused damage to the main highways of our country, which also indirectly affected our beneficiaries. In support of these communities in the face of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 and both hurricanes, we made a food donation that was distributed to each of the 150 members associated with the COMBRIFOL cooperative.

We hope that this project will be a great blessing for our beneficiaries once they receive the first financial income from the sale of their product.