We are pleased to inform you about a special donation of three solar panels for the Lencas group
of artisans from El Cacao, Intibucá. We have witnessed the hard work that these artisans carry out
in the Lencas loom production center built by CEPUDO in 2019, this incredible project is greatly
impacting the lives of the Lenca indigenous tribe in our country.

There are currently 30 people working at this facility and most of the workers at this shop are
investing their income in education and agriculture on their land. The sale of the product is high
since Sotero Domínguez (president of the weaving company) has organized his people to go to the
artisan markets in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa on weekends. Due to the high demand for
looms, artisans have found it necessary to work at night to fulfill their orders, for this reason solar
panels have been a great support for these producers.

We definitely see this Lenca Loom Production Unit as one of the most important and life-changing
projects in our organization. In addition to serving this community by providing sources of work
with very good salaries, we also preserve our indigenous Lenca tribe, which is in vulnerable
conditions in our country.

We value and respect the different ethnic groups since they are part of our identity as a country
and we believe that it is in our hands to contribute so that the damage inflicted on their heritage is
remedied and that we try to avoid the disappearance of their culture and customs.