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Dr. Kevin Roberto Reyes Sánchez 28 years old.


Good morning my name is Kevin Reyes, I am a doctor in social service, from the health establishment in Tegucigalpita, Omoa. Health center where I started in 2018. Since I started working in this center I could see that the center has a very large precariousness, the health center provides care to 14 communities of which 6 are in mountainous areas, where patients have to walk almost 4 hours or riding a horse to get to this health center and receive a medical consultation, vaccination service or any other need. The health center has three rooms that share different services. The waiting room is very small with room for only ten people seated when serving sixty daily. Not everyone can receive the consultation because we do not have enough doctors to assist them, but having more staff does not help us if we do not have the adequate space to attend them. People coming from long distances are given priority as we know they must return home. The vaccination area is actually shared with the nebulization and preclinical area, which is where the patient’s heart rate and pressure are taken. To give an example of how serious this situation is, imagine a patient who is admitted with tuberculosis and must share this room with two other people. There may be a contagious fogging with a one-month-old child. It is a very high risk of disease contamination. There are many people who, because they do not have sufficient resources, cannot go to the medical centers that are in front of the municipality. We don’t have the laboratory service which is also very important, here are the rapid HIV tests. There have been people who have wanted to support us with the dental service, such as the municipality, but we have not had the space to offer these services. We have a lot of overcrowding and precariousness in the center. In the end, with the construction of this health center, 8,000 to 9,000 inhabitants can benefit. As a doctor, I am sure that my patients will also be very grateful for the construction of this health center.


* Conditions in which the health center operated when raising the proposal of our clinic.