We are pleased to inform you that we have started with the construction of a health center in Tegucigalpita, Omoa.

The project will include the construction of a 1,721 square foot structure equipped with:

  • Two examination rooms
  • General consultation area
  • Patient waiting room
  • Pharmacy
  • Receptionist and file room
  • Cellar
  • Gender specific restrooms for patients
  • Two bathrooms for doctors and clinic staff.

The clinic is expected to treat many persistent infectious diseases related to the respiratory and digestive system along with chronic degenerative diseases. In addition, medical care is also expected for diseases such as dengue, leishmaniosis, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS.


With this project we will cover the need of the communities of Monte de los Olivos, Las Delicias, Montecristo, Nueva Deli, Nueva Esperanza, Corpus, Agua Buena, Tegucigalpita, Pueblo, Colonia Martinez, Potrerillos, Colonia Menjívar, Brisas del Rio, El Triunfo I, El Triunfo II, Las Vegas del Motagua, Rio Chiquito and Las Vegas de Tierra Santa. Adding up the population of all the communities listed above, this health center will have the scope to support up to 8,000 patients.


In the current health center that operates in a house, 600 patients are treated monthly, with this clinic and with the medical personnel coordinated by the municipality, it is expected to provide medical attention to twice as many people each month.