We are pleased to inform you about our Beekeeping project in support of low-income honey producers associated with the COMBRIFOL Cooperative, from the municipality of Márcala, La Paz. Through this project, we hope not only to support the beekeepers, but also the COMBRIFOL Cooperative in reducing their honey processing costs by providing the necessary supplies and machinery. We also hope to provide the necessary technical assistance to each farmer thanks to the cooperation of COMBRIFOL technicians.

It is important to mention that COMBRIFOL also subcontracts to other companies to finish the honey processing. As a small Cooperative, COMBRIFOL seeks the support of other institutions such as CEPUDO and FFTP to reduce its operating expenses that can generate greater profits for producers. Most beekeepers also lack the technical knowledge to increase productivity in their hives.

There are currently 30 beekeepers associated with the COMBRIFOL Cooperative with a total of 231 hives. Due to the lack of technical assistance and resources, beekeepers are unable to increase honey production and currently produce 23 bottles per hive. With the provision of more hives and adequate technical assistance from CEPUDO and COMBRIFOL, we will not only increase the number of hives to 381 but production is also expected to increase to 30 bottles per hive. This project aims to provide additional income to the coffee growers associated with this cooperative. Each beekeeper will receive the protective equipment necessary for their work and 5 complete hives. It also includes food supplements and medicines for bees.