Our goat project in Lepaterique aims to reduce chronic malnutrition that affects the community. We hope that with the training provided by CEPUDO, the goat population will expand and food security will be achieved in Lepaterique through the consumption of its milk and meat. Around 60 people are currently benefiting from this project. Cristina, the project leader, organizes the beneficiaries´ meetings and runs the project in an equitable and democratic way.

Cristina also delivers goat milk to the nearest clinics so that it can be distributed, free of charge, to children suffering from malnutrition. Every day, more and more people join this group and join forces. For this group, the strength lies in the union of the entire municipality of Lepaterique.

We thank everyone who is part of this project, God, and Food for the Poor for their great work and their support to combat malnutrition.