¨There were times when we had the intention of abandoning our avocado plots due to difficult economic situations, but now we can see the results of the supplies and all the help that you have provided us. We are very grateful because you have fulfilled what you promised and the technicians have come to give us a breath of hope. ¨ Ramon Romero, one of the 20 beneficiaries of the avocado project told us about the impact this great project has had.

We recently visited the beneficiaries in Ocotepeque and donated the agricultural inputs they needed. We were also able to explain how to correctly apply them. The avocado trees are developing properly and thanks to the provision of these inputs, we hope to have a great harvest in January and February of 2021.

With the support of our donor, we have been able to increase the production and quality of the avocado on existing farmers´ trees. Thanks to the proper management and the inputs, we were able to increase the avocado production per tree. Thanks to constant supervision by CEPUDO and ICDF Taiwan, our farmers now know how to handle the avocado plantation at its different stages of development.

The beneficiaries also grow beans and are about to complete their second harvest. Due to COVID-19, the price of beans has risen. The first harvest was sold at Lps. 10 per pound and right now we are hoping to sell at Lps. 20 per pound. The beneficiaries are very proactive, and they even managed to buy corn seed with the profits from their first bean harvest. They are now waiting for the first corn crops in August.

The beneficiaries really appreciate the support provided by CEPUDO, Food for the Poor, and ICDF Taiwan.