We are really happy to share that 2,200 Hass avocado plants have been delivered to the beneficiaries of our avocado project in La Campa, Lempira. This project is possible thanks to the collaboration between CEPUDO and ICDF Taiwan.

A visit had been made to inspect the land and train the beneficiaries on how to measure the depth of the holes, the appropriate distances between each avocado plant, and the proper use of fertilizers.

During the last visit, CEPUDO and ICDF Taiwan representatives conducted a 1-week practical training session on the beneficiaries´ land. They were taught the proper planting methods and how to apply fertilizers and insecticides correctly.

Bean seeds were also given to the beneficiaries to promote food security while they wait for the avocado harvest. They are all very grateful for this project and together with ICDF Taiwan´s support, we hope it will be a total success.