This is the Francisco Morazán School in Granadillal, San Agustín, Copán. It was shocking to learn about the community´s need for a decent and safe school. The school only had two classrooms: one for 1-3 grade students and the other for 4-6 grade students. For grades 7-9, students had to receive class in a makeshift outdoor area. Many students stopped going to school upon graduating sixth grade because their parents did not feel safe sending them to school under these circumstances.

The school is located on a mountain. Due to the altitude and the weather conditions, school desks and furniture deteriorated rapidly. With the winds and the rain, students who received classes outside had no way of protecting themselves.

We visited the nearest clinic to see how these conditions affected the students´ health. At least 10 7-9 grade students visited the clinic each month with respiratory problems such as a cough, fever, or the flu. Another very serious problem they experienced was diarrhea, as the school would only receive water every 3 days.

Thanks to the collaboration of CEPUDO and Food for the Poor, we were able to build a dignified and safe school for this community. The new school has 3 classrooms with a secure zinc roof, bathrooms, and a water catchment unit. With the construction of the new school, more students will be able to attend classes. Both teachers and students will be safe, the furniture will last longer since it will be protected from the rain, and the number of students with respiratory or stomach diseases will decrease.