Creating Hope 


CEPUDO works with communities in Honduras to overcome conditions of extreme poverty by providing shelter for those most in need, relieving hunger through monthly aid, and bringing hope to the youth through education.


Be God’s instrument to improve the poor’s quality of life & provide hope to renew their spirit.


To establish integral, developed communities to overcome extreme poverty.

We are proud and thankful for the impact we have and will continue to achieve thanks to your support.

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People Trained


Schools Built


Homes Built


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Adopt a Grandparent

Benefits elders who live in extreme poverty and do not have the resources to cover their basic life needs.

Angels of Hope

Assists homes that house boys, girls, and young adults through training, donations and projects, fully supporting their personal development.


Instills social responsibility in children and teenagers, helping them discover and develop their skills and talents so they can become entities of change in their homes, at school, and in the community in general.


Provides humanitarian assistance to people living in extreme poverty, strengthening a spirit of solidarity through shipments donated by our unconditional donor Food for the Poor.

Fishing Villages

Delivers boats and fishing equipment to organized groups of low-income fishermen.


Donates a safe, functional, and dignified home, contributing towards the integral development of the most needed families in Honduras.

Mechanical Cow

Provides nutritious food to school children through the provision of soy milk, contributing towards the fight against malnutrition.


Helps towards the development of the most needed people in our country through the implementation of projects in areas such as agriculture, infrastructure, education, health, and water.

Ribbons of Love

Supports people who are fighting cancer with treatments and a medicine bank, providing hope and optimism.

Training Center

Contributes towards the development of people's quality of life through the implementation and development of innovative productive projects.

Women in Development

Trains women, men, teenagers, and children through the stimulation of skills and abilities with the aim of eradicating poverty in Honduran neighborhoods.

In memory of our dear Guadalupe.

We will always remember you!

Guadalupe led CEPUDO's Donations department, a key program in our organization. Thanks to her commitment and leadership, she managed to bring more than 300 containers with donations each year. She always carried out her job with love and care, distributing the donations to those with the greatest needs in our country, Honduras.

She was very supportive with who needed it most, we must always remember her as the person that was happy helping others.

She has left a legacy of devotion and kindness towards those most vulnerable.

A warrior and an amazing human being. She was always in solidarity with social causes and had a big heart focused on helping the disadvantaged.

She fulfilled her God-given mission on Earth: bring blessings to the people that need it the most.

Special thanks to our unconditional partner, Food for the Poor.

You can make an impact in somebody’s life.