Donation by Food For The Poor and CEPUDO Association of a complete musical orchestra which is composed of the following musical instruments:
9 trumpets, 2 tenor saxophones, 4 clarinet, 8 clarinet reeds, 4 trombones, 6 flutes, 2 alto sax, 2 base drums, 2 marching drums (tri, tom, drum), 4 snare drums. 2 bass drum bottom – 26, 30 drum sticks, 3 trombone mouthpiece, 4 pad set – tenor sax, 8 reeds – tenor sax, 6 pad set – alto sax, 8 reeds – alto sax, 4 bass drum slings, 4 bass drums mallets .
Said instruments will be used to organize the Musical Band of the House of Culture of Macuelizo, Santa Bárbara.
The band members are excited to be able to play on their new instruments.
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