God´s timing is perfect and we able to bless so many people when we walk with Him. God gave us the privilege, through our chapter in Peña Blanca, to change the life of Doña Sabina´s family. With much love, she has dedicated her life to taking care of her family. Upon meeting her, we learned that Doña Sabina lived in extreme poverty in a very small house made of sheets and pieces of wood. The most shocking thing was learning that more than 30 people lived in this small house, including her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

It was very nice to know how happy, loving, and united all the members of the family are. They have always been believers and asked God that one day, not too far away, they would be found by someone who would help them escape their life condition.

We thank God and our unconditional donor Food for the Poor for helping us change the life of this beautiful family. Land was donated to them and 3 houses have been built so they can start a new life. Our Peña Blanca Chapter is also providing motivational workshops and will help the family get involved in entrepreneurial activities so they can move forward in life.