Lucinda and María are two beneficiaries from our coffee project with Food for the Poor and Cooperativa COMBRIFOL in Marcala, La Paz. The project consists of 15 ¨manzanas¨ of land, benefiting a total of 20 low-income producers in the area. The first commercial harvest of our project is expected to take place later this year.

We would like to share what our beneficiaries have to say about this amazing project:

Lucinda: ¨The Cooperativa COMBRIFOL, CEPUDO, and Food for the Poor have complied on time and provided us with all the supplies to carry out this project. We hope to start our commercial harvest soon and always continue with this project. We want to continue even though we are older women. We thank you for supporting women farmers.¨

Maria: ¨This coffee project has been a great blessing for us. We have had our own land but due to the lack of economic resources, it has been very difficult to cultivate. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had no income, but we are hopeful for a good future as the first commercial harvest of our coffee approaches.¨

We hope that this project will be a great blessing for our beneficiaries once they receive the first income from the sale of their product.